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Our Services

Melbourne Thermal Imaging’s highly experienced, qualified electricians provide the following specialised services:


Testing is performed using Flir thermal image cameras producing high resolution images for accurate diagnostics. These test are performed by qualified electricians therefore eliminating the need for businesses to provide an electrician to access switchboards.


As thermal image surveys are conducted by qualified electricians any further investigations can be carried out on the spot.

Comprehensive Reporting

In line with best practice, Melbourne Thermal Imaging also provide a comprehensive report. This includes details of areas surveyed, fault analysis, recommended action, repair priority and summary.


As a follow on from the comprehensive reports Melbourne Thermal Imaging will also provide details on the best way to address any problems or faults that have been identified.


If required Melbourne Thermal Imaging can also perform any repair works identified as part of the thermal imaging survey. Melbourne Thermal Imaging's electricians have extensive experience in all type of electrical repairs and maintenance.

Maintenance Plans

In addition to performing ad hoc thermal imaging surveys Melbourne Thermal Imaging are also able to develop a maintenance plan to suit any business' needs. This can include scheduled thermal surveys and preventative maintenance.

Testing | Inspection | Repairs

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